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Features in Just Steampunk!

Just_Steampunk_Cover_Volume_6Scott Publications, producer of Just Steampunk magazine, has kindly featured the artwork of Beverly Holman. Beverly’s art has appeared in the following issues:

Fall 2014, volume 5 (“Telephone” was featured on the cover)

Spring 2015, volume 6 (“Music Box” was featured on the cover)

Fall 2015, volume 7 (“PHONE” was featured on the cover)

Spring 2016, volume 8 (“Fly” was featured on the cover along with a 9 page spread inside)

Fall 2017, volume 10 (four page spread inside)

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Beverly’s art was also featured in Victorian Homes Magazine, Fall 2013 issue


“Two of your trees are on my office desk, so you’re right here with me every, single, day! I’m like a raven…completely drawn to things that sparkle. The book that your trees helped inspire is a contemporary Christmas romance that I’m putting some polish on. Not sure about its debut date, but I just wove Dolly Parton into the story as a guardian angel. Lots going on here…hope the same is happening in your neck of the woods. Take care.” Chris, California

“Hi Beverly: So great to receive your email. Thanks so much. We really love the piece. It will go beautifully in our new apartment. Kindest regards.” Lillian, Australia

“Hi Beverly: I just picked up the piece today. It is as beautiful as I remembered and again, so perfect for my intended recipient. I forgot about the dice, but since they live in Reno, that fits too! And thank you so much for the small piece. What a nice surprise! It’s beautiful as well. I’m excited about a custom piece though I won’t be able to get the stuff out and gathered up for a while yet.” Joyce, California

“I love, adore and am delighted with my tray. It will be a cherished family heirloom! Thank you!” Hilda, California

“I ordered a specially-made Steampunk item from Beverly Holman for my husband’s holiday gift. He is someone that people consider hard-to-buy-for. He LOVED it!  Beverly did a great job melding objects that reflected his interests:  cars, sports, and family. Thanks Beverly!” Louise, California

Just_Steampunk_Cover_Volume_5“I recently purchased two pieces from Beverly Holman: an antique music box for my parents and a dog piece for our own home. First, Beverly viewed my father’s art website to gain ideas. She then designed a stunning music box as their welcome-home gift (they moved back to America, from Australia). I presented the art to my parents at a family gathering. It now sits in my dad’s home office, along with additional art he has gathered from around the world. Next, we purchased a dog piece for our own home. The adorable puppy was created by Beverly as a small conversation piece. A friend stopped by not long ago and wanted to know all about the dog – who made it? What was used to design the dog? Where did Beverly find the bits and pieces, to create the assemblage art? Beverly’s art is wonderful and unique. When you purchase art from Beverly, you’ll be thrilled with the results!” Shara, Oregon

“Beverly creates. What she creates is remarkable. She does what I think is unusual in art these days: you don’t look at the piece and say ‘What is that?’ Yet, you see creativity and uniqueness that makes something ‘real’ and full of artistic expression.” Rick, Oregon

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