What is Steampunk – An explanation from a novice!

A guest blog by Louise Sattler of 411 VOICES


I first met Beverly Holman only a few weeks ago.  She greeted me in her beach town home filled with antique Grandfather clocks, two adorable dachshunds and rooms filled with a unique art form that I soon found out was called, Steampunk.  To a person who is new to this kind of design, I found it fascinating.  A blend of vintage and victorian objects melded together in order to create a more contemporary work of art. Consider it repurposing your antique treasures in to something interesting, comment worthy and beautiful.

Beverly manages to astonish me as she has a knack for knowing exactly what objects go together.  The old camera mixed with a child’s bike license plate and other sundry items created one of my favorites pictured below.

Then there are the religious themed pieces.  Crosses glowing with a mixture of jewels and beads.  Stunning. And, I predict that these may become Beverly’s signature items.

It is my hope that Beverly will make her Steampunk creations profitable via local boutiques and her ETSY store.  I know that she has the drive, motivation and without a doubt a sellable product! I also know that meeting her prompted me to learn more about Steampunk and WOW- it is popular and has quite a sub-culture! Who  knew?!

So the next time you stroll in to a flea market, swap meet or antique shop and wonder who would want to buy those old and random game pieces – think about Steampunk and Beverly!

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