Standing the test of time

Have you ever passed a yard sale and wondered who would buy the old trinkets or watches that are tossed in to the old Tupperware container for sale or even marked “FREE”?  Well, to a person who enjoy assembly art, these are not “drive by” items, but, little treasures waiting to be grouped together to create an object of beauty and discussion.  Some call it Steampunk but,  Beverly Holman calls it a creative outlet to withstand the test of time.

What makes Beverly’s artwork so special is that she often uses time pieces.  Watches and gears that one would find inside clocks are often added to other trinkets of old – such as parts of games from the 1920’s.  Time is often used in artwork and even warranted a full discussion board on eBay.

All I know is that Beverly’s art makes you want to walk back in time to when life was simpler and less technologically oriented.  Ahh.. I miss the sound of a ticking clock.


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