Beverly Holman Art featured on “Be Dazzled for Christmas” Book Cover

In 2014 I learned that my artwork was being considered for feature on a book cover. Two of my Christmas topiaries were sold to author Christopher Lentz who planned to use them on his new book jacket: “Be Dazzled for Christmas.”

In May of 2015 (the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day) Christopher held a book signing for “Blossom” at Affaire de Coeur, where some of my artwork is displayed for sale. His book sold out during the signing and additional orders were placed. That same day, Christopher presented the shop owner with a special framed copy of “Be Dazzled for Christmas” featuring my art. In addition, he presented me with a copy of the cover. I was blown away: one tree is featured as the centerpiece of the cover and it looks fabulous. The second Christmas topiary tree will appear on the reverse.

“Be Dazzled for Christmas” is the follow-up book to “Blossom.” It is part of “The Belles of Christmas” romance collection. It will likely be released later this year for the holiday season.

Be dazzled

Be dazzled book cover


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