Three New Pieces at The Mart Collective

The following three steampunk pieces were submitted to Just Steampunk Magazine for review and potential publication. They are also available for purchase at The Mart Collective.

1. Smile for the Dolly: This art piece is made from a spinner mounted on a yarn spool, with a porcelain feeding cap antique doll head, arms and feet with lots of vintage charms, jacks. It also includes compasses, metal words, and two chickens.

2. Secret Voyage: This art piece is made from two pastry tins, mounted to a clock gear. A mini vice has a silver finished bird wearing a baseball cap and goggles and a vintage baby doll is steering. The doll is wearing a bucket hat and eye glasses, lots of charms, jacks, and compasses.

3. Day Dreams of Paris: This art piece is made from a rooster on red wheels mounted on a hammered copper candlestick, mini Eiffel Tower, two vintage porcelain dolls, jacks, compasses, buckles, vintage buttons, mini domino, Monopoly game pieces, typewriter keys, and Scrabble Game letters spelling ‘Paris’.

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