Four New Pieces for Creation Ovation Gallery

Below are four new pieces. They will be delivered to Creation Ovation Gallery this week. Scroll down to view the art and to read each description.

This art piece is called Sucres Bebe Doll. The base of the doll is made from a Jello mold, the wooden legs are from an antique doll, the body of the doll is an old Paris sugar tin, a vintage doll head is attached with a funnel hat. The doll has metal springs for hair. Hat is decorated with typewriter buttons spelling out Paris, Arms are made from old springs and mini light bulbs, dress decorated with watch gears and faces along with unusual chain trims, vintage buttons hold the arms to the body.

This doll is 14″ high, 6.5″ deep and 6″ wide.

IMG_2436This art piece is called Robo Beauty. The base is made from a vintage shaker bottom, sitting on a vintage tart tin, a porcelain doll head wearing a funnel hat decorated with metal trims compass, scissors, mini light bulb, watch gears, neck of doll decorated with vintage pearls on a chain, with scissor charms, along with compass and button dangles, and a Monopoly game piece. Dolls hair is made from brass springs.

This art piece is 9″high, 3.5″ wide and 3.5″ deep.

IMG_2437This art piece is called Spanish Hot Pepper Doll. The base of the doll is made from a Jello tin, with glass fuses, , Grandma’s Spanish Pepper tin body has game pieces doll arms, vintage button hat, doll head is vintage and is wearing eyeglasses charm, lots of watch gears, compasses, and spinners.

Art piece is 8″ high, 4″ wide and deep.

IMG_2441This art piece is called Dreams of Flying. The base of the doll is made from an old tart tin attached to a part from an old telephone, Porcelain head is vintage and has a hat made from a tart tin, jacks game pieces make up the brim, also a toy airplane is on the top with a baby riding in the airplane. Baby is wearing a Monopoly top hat. Doll body has decorations of vintage buttons old typewriter keys along with misc charms.

The doll is 9″ high, 6.5″ deep, 6″ wide.

Visit CREATION OVATION today and peruse the many art forms readily available for purchase!

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