10 New Steampunk Pieces by Beverly Holman (images and descriptions)

Below are 10 new/updated steampunk pieces. They have been submitted to Just Steampunk Magazine for coverage review. Scroll down to view each image along with a description of the art piece.

1. Titled “Robo Manikin”

This art piece is made from a small dress form mounted on a wood block base with antique doll legs and head. The arms are also old and have springs around them. The doll head at bottom is vintage and is wearing a bucket hat with letter charm letters and spinner on top. Jacks decorate the dress and doll arms. Piece includes antique buttons, watch dial with watch parts, knife, spoon and fork pin, compass, rabbit, mini signs, chain with beads and domino chum, hanging by a chain. Metal pieces decorate the upper body. Doll is wearing a hat made from a mini cookie tin, a mini earthquake star, and a mini light bulb with a Monopoly game hat.

2. Titled ” Oh My Muffet”

This art piece is made with a metal chicken coup light bulb shield, mounted on a hammered copper candlestick, with a funnel making up the body. Doll head, legs and arms are old. Doll is wearing an enamel funnel hat decorated with a watch dial, apple charm nuts and bolts and Coca Cola bottle cap, old buttons, jacks, Parcheesi game piece, domino, mini toy tripucks, spinners, springs and buckles, compass, old gym safety pin, game piece letters, Coke bottle keychain and mini stars.

3. Titled “Love Flying”

This art piece is made with an antique cookie tin attached to a vintage phone horn. Antique doll head is attached to a tart mold. Typewriter keys decorate the body with a heart button, jacks decorate the hat, headphones are made from a piece of misc electronics, watch mechanism decorates the forehead of the doll. A mini toy airplane is mounted on the hat with a baby sitting in the plane wearing a Monopoly top hat with a watch hand.

4. Titled “Games to Play Doll”

This art piece is made from a vintage mold making up the body of the doll, a cash register reel makes the collar of the doll, hands and head are vintage, typewriter key buttons, Monopoly game pieces, buckles, baby blocks, dominos, jacks, jack in the box charm, “Nicholas Opticians” key chain, metal funnel hat with a rusted spring, along with a watch dial and spinne, brass peanut is hanging from a vintage polka dot button.

5. Titled “Sew Baby Sew”

This art piece is made with a Sew-O-Magic Junior sewing machine, mounted on a fluted cup style metal container, lots of new and vintage buttons, sewing item charms, mini sewing machine, scissor charms, vintage baby doll, signs, Monopoly game pieces, bobbins, thimbles, vintage doll head, tape measure and dress form charms, compass, thread spool charm, metal gears and red wooden game pieces.

6. Titled “Suze Fly Walker”

This art piece is made with a hand cranked mini hemming machine, a triple winged toy airplane sits on the machine, and is decorated with light bulbs, compasses, spinners, machine parts, watch calendar rings, watch movement, mini light bulb, mini cupid style doll, wearing a perfume funnel hat with a light bulb finial and watch hand, monopoly game pieces, watch movements and Scrabble game letters.

7. Titled “Ride My Rocket ship”

This art piece is made from a cake decorator mounted on a candlestick on a wooden base, is decorated with a mini pool ball, compasses, a hand made propeller with a spring and spinner attached, Bass Beer bottle cap charm, vintage baby doll wearing eye glasses and a perfume funnel hat, birdcage with propeller and spring with jack on top, dog wearing a beanie hat and spinner, metal and paper signs.

8. Titled “Trolly Ride”

This art piece is made from a toy trolley car sitting on a handmade wooden base with wood letters from an old game, Monopoly game pieces, jacks, hand charms, Motor Oil Company brass button, compass, Frozen Charlotte mini doll, watch movement pieces, antique doll head wearing spring and lightbulb hat, key wind handle, clock parts, bronze toned bird wearing beanie hat and e-flag pin.

9. Titled: “Yo Birdie”

This art piece is made from a brass candlestick, with a brass handled oil can mounted on top, Scrabble game piece letters, mini dominos, antique doll head, Frozen Charlotte doll, Monopoly game pieces, mini silver bird cage, bronze finished bird, electronic and watch parts, mini glass bottle with pearls inside, mini metal scooter, watch hands, vintage buttons, crown, spinners, mini compass, springs, and wood yard stick piece.

10. Titled “Through the Camera Lenz”

This art piece is made from an old toy camera, a figure art pin, a silver toned bird, watch and clock hands, eye ball in victrola horn, wishbone, domino, I Serve Red Cross button, shift key, metal rusted heart, crown, calendar ring from watch, game parts, mini light bulbs, vintage doll head, compass, and misc pieces.

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