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Beverly Holman Art: Featured in Just Steampunk Volume 12

The following art pieces will be featured in Just Steampunk Magazine Volume 12 These art pieces are called “N, I, and R”. These art pieces are made with composite bronze colored birds, mini dice, dominoes, compasses, soda pop bottle caps, buttons, spinners, Coke bottle key rings, moon face charms, brass baseball cap, Monopoly game top […]

Beverly Holman Art now at Creation Ovation

You can now find the following Beverly Holman Art pieces at Creation Ovation. Art subject to change, upon sales. Location: 550 Deep Valley Drive #113 | Rolling Hills | Estates, CA | Contact: msena@CreationOvation.com

10 New Steampunk Pieces by Beverly Holman (images and descriptions)

Below are 10 new/updated steampunk pieces. They have been submitted to Just Steampunk Magazine for coverage review. Scroll down to view each image along with a description of the art piece. 1. Titled “Robo Manikin” This art piece is made from a small dress form mounted on a wood block base with antique doll legs […]

Just Steampunk Magazine: Four Issues Feature Beverly Holman Art

Just Steampunk Magazine has kindly featured Beverly Holman Art in the following four volumes. If you would like to purchase copies, visit the Scott Publications website here. Volume 5: “Telephone” was featured on the cover Volume 6: “Music Box” was featured on the cover Volume 7: “PHONE” was featured on the cover Volume 8: “FLY” […]

Art as a Gift | Buy from Southern California Artists

You will find Beverly Holman Steampunk ornaments, now, at the Promenade! There are currently twelve original ornaments on display and for sale. Below is the advertisement sent out in support of your local artists. Give the gift of art! Buy handcrafted art from Southern California Artists at The Artists’ Studio Galleries: Ornaments, jewelry, wearable art […]