Beverly Holman Art: Featured in Just Steampunk Volume 12

The following art pieces will be featured in Just Steampunk Magazine Volume 12

These art pieces are called “N, I, and R”. These art pieces are made with composite bronze colored birds, mini dice, dominoes, compasses, soda pop bottle caps, buttons, spinners, Coke bottle key rings, moon face charms, brass baseball cap, Monopoly game top hats and Scottie dog game pieces. The baby blocks are mounted on red painted metal handles resting on old pill boxes on top of baking tart tins.

This art piece is called “Feline Wishes.” It is made from a metal cat candle holder and a glass jar of wish bones on a wood block, with a compass on top. This piece is decorated with part of a watch bracelet. Cars, face, and feet are hand painted and the body has metal flags along the side.

This art piece is called “Cat Call.” It is made from a cat styled candle holder, decorated with wooden blocks, holding a wine press pencil sharpener, with a pair of sheep resting on top, vintage doll head wearing a cake decorating tip as a hat with a red dice as a topper, vintage porcelain doll wearing a baseball cap is at the back of the cat, an oven thermometer trimmed with a watch bracelet and secret sign. The body of the cat has metal flags along the sides and the cat tail has a spring. The cat’s face and feet are hand painted.

This art piece is called “Where Am I”. This doll is made with a vintage doll head, mounted on a fluted flowerpot resting on an old tin candlestick holder. The hat is made from wood gear with vintage buttons, light bulb, toy jacks, part of an old measuring stick, black cherry soda bottle cap, large and mini toy compasses, Monopoly Game Scottie Dog. This moon face charm doll has metal springs for hair.

This art piece is called “Spring Lamb”. It is made from a composite lamb resting on painted red wheels with spinners, mounted on a brass candlestick. Composite bronze colored bird is riding on lamb’s back wearing a Monopoly Game top hat. Lamb is wearing a metal mini tart tin for a hat, decorated with springs and a compass, spinner on lambs nos. BAA is spelled out with old wood printing block letters and bells decorate the lambs tail with a Monopoly Game Scottie Dog. Vintage doll swinging from the front wheels decorated with a water gear and baby button with a cake decorating tip hat with a spinner.

This art piece is called “Yea?” It is made from an inverted metal flower pot with red painted trim mounted on a brass candlestick, with a vintage doll head wearing a wood gear hat, decorated with toy jacks, metal springs for hair, light bulb, toy handcuff eye glasses, “Yea ?” sign, mini dominoes, mini compasses, spinner, Monopoly Game Scottie dog, moon face charms and metal flag trim.

This art piece is called “Pixie Kewpie Doll”. It is made from a can of Kewpie Pork and Beans. Can is mounted on a deco style candle stand with a vintage doll head wearing a copper funnel as a hat, with lots of metal springs for hair, parts of wood measuring sticks decorate the hat, mini and regular size compasses, toy dice and a toy jack, spinner, watch gears, buttons, mini doll head, and black cherry soda bottle cap.

This art piece is called “My Graf Zeppelin”. It is made from a toy zeppelin mounted onto a part of a candlestick, clock gear and bottom part of a clarinet, mini toy compasses, lots of gears, spinners, handmade propeller, anchor, flag along with toy jacks.

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