Just Steampunk Magazine, Volume Eleven: Featuring Beverly Holman Art

The below Beverly Holman steampunk art pieces are now featured in Just Steampunk Magazine, Volume Eleven. Click the link to purchase a copy of the popular magazine! If you are interested in purchasing a Beverly Holman art piece, please contact Beverly here. Thank you!

From the Scott Publications website: Scott Publications is pleased to announce the eleventh volume of the highly-successful Just Steampunk! Steampunk is vague in definition; Just Steampunk! magazine defines it as an art form that mixes the styles of past generations (such as the Victorian era) with modern conveniences. Works of art feature materials such as antique watch parts, keys and gears in vintage color schemes of browns, gold and metallics. This special issue features this unique style in all its glory, highlighting works of art in all types of media: paper arts, polymer clay, dolls, jewelry, accessories and more. Including full color photographs showcasing projects from a variety of talented designers, Just Steampunk Volume 11 is sure to satisfy the demand of die hard fans, or whet the appetite of the newly curious. Warning: Steampunk art may become addictive!


New Art Pieces at the Vineyard Antique Mall in Paso Robles

The below art pieces are now available at the Vineyard Antique Mall in Paso Robles (availability subject to change, upon sales).

Four New Pieces for Creation Ovation Gallery

Below are four new pieces. They will be delivered to Creation Ovation Gallery this week. Scroll down to view the art and to read each description.

This art piece is called Sucres Bebe Doll. The base of the doll is made from a Jello mold, the wooden legs are from an antique doll, the body of the doll is an old Paris sugar tin, a vintage doll head is attached with a funnel hat. The doll has metal springs for hair. Hat is decorated with typewriter buttons spelling out Paris, Arms are made from old springs and mini light bulbs, dress decorated with watch gears and faces along with unusual chain trims, vintage buttons hold the arms to the body.

This doll is 14″ high, 6.5″ deep and 6″ wide.

IMG_2436This art piece is called Robo Beauty. The base is made from a vintage shaker bottom, sitting on a vintage tart tin, a porcelain doll head wearing a funnel hat decorated with metal trims compass, scissors, mini light bulb, watch gears, neck of doll decorated with vintage pearls on a chain, with scissor charms, along with compass and button dangles, and a Monopoly game piece. Dolls hair is made from brass springs.

This art piece is 9″high, 3.5″ wide and 3.5″ deep.

IMG_2437This art piece is called Spanish Hot Pepper Doll. The base of the doll is made from a Jello tin, with glass fuses, , Grandma’s Spanish Pepper tin body has game pieces doll arms, vintage button hat, doll head is vintage and is wearing eyeglasses charm, lots of watch gears, compasses, and spinners.

Art piece is 8″ high, 4″ wide and deep.

IMG_2441This art piece is called Dreams of Flying. The base of the doll is made from an old tart tin attached to a part from an old telephone, Porcelain head is vintage and has a hat made from a tart tin, jacks game pieces make up the brim, also a toy airplane is on the top with a baby riding in the airplane. Baby is wearing a Monopoly top hat. Doll body has decorations of vintage buttons old typewriter keys along with misc charms.

The doll is 9″ high, 6.5″ deep, 6″ wide.

Visit CREATION OVATION today and peruse the many art forms readily available for purchase!

Art Pieces submitted for Third Dimension Jury on February 13, 2018

The below pieces of Beverly Holman Art were submitted for Third Dimension Jury on February 13, 2018:

Are you interested in ordering a piece of steampunk art? Contact me today!

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Just Steampunk Magazine, Volume Ten | Featuring Beverly Holman Art

Below are the featured Beverly Holman Art images from Just Steampunk Magazine, Volume Ten. Contact me to inquire about purchases! Art pieces are subject to change, based on availability. You can purchase a copy of this volume here: Just Steampunk

Art Opening: Creation Ovation | December 2 | 4-8pm | FREE

Date: December 2
Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Cost: Free
Location: CreationOvation Art Center | 550 Deep Valley Drive, #113 | Rolling Hills Estates, 90274 United

– Win a $50 CreationOvation credit for the Ugliest Holiday Sweater.*
– Silent Auction for a Nancy Towne-Schultz, Fernando Del Rosario, Beverly Holman and more.
– Featuring Jeff Nellans and Susan Cohn. Both abstract artists use bright, significant, bold shapes, and composition in their art but in such different ways.

Jeff Nellans

Susan Cohn

Creation Ovation Reception (photo)

We had a wonderful time at the Creation Ovation reception! Thanks to everyone who came by to shop or visit!

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